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Panel Repairs

City Collision Repairs (CCR) specialise in restoring your vehicle to its pre-accident condition by using the latest technology, including:

Blackhawk Shark II 
3D computerised measuring system that allows technicians to quickly and accurately assess and restore your chassis to the manufacturer’s specifications, complete with printed chassis measurements.

Inverter Spot Welder
The absolute latest on the market. Computerised and capable of diagnosing the metal and voltage required for welds according to the manufacturer’s specifications.  This is currently the welder of choice for a number of high-end motor vehicle manufacturers.

Dent Pulling Machine
Fully automated to quickly and safely pull dents out of your vehicle without the need to strip interior parts away, providing a less intrusive solution for small to medium repairs saving both time and money.

Blackhawk Quick Pull
The latest 6 tonne pulling small chassis machine for small to medium chassis repairs that partners with the Blackhawk Shark II measuring system, allowing us to perfectly align and measure your vehicle chassis providing an accurate and efficient repair.

Two 10 tonne aligning pulling machines
One is a larger version of the Blackhawk Quick Pull, allowing us to repair large chassis and the other is a Floor Mounted pulling machine designed for doing minor chassis re-alignment and producing fast turnaround times.